cross racer

Developed and realized by DHM


The ECU mapping have been done by DHM, at the beginning on the engine test bed , then refined on the roll braked test bench, with many hours of tests and refinements, and emissions laboratory tests to verify the level of the pollutants was correct.

The development on test benches have been interspersed with road tests to verify the handling and the functionality, using an acquisition data system that records the engine working parameters and vehicle dynamic parameters, to optimize the behavior of the bike in the most varied condition of use.

It have been optimized the cold starting and the handling at high altitude, to have bike suitable in all conditions.

The exhaust system have been designed and realized in four different versions from DHM, to verify performances and sound, up to arrive the project of the last version, which construction have been realized totally by Spark.

The engine has a consistent and wide torque curve, and pushes well and regularly from the low rpm, with a power that we considered enough for the road use.

The triple trees specifications have been defined in cooperation with Freespirits, which has then produced, like several other components, to obtain a more reactive drive and more sensibility on the front wheel, keeping and good handling on everyday roads.

We worked on the weight distribution, moving all was possible to the center of the bike, modifying the driving position, to have a more dynamic trim without loosing of comfort, definitely the weight reducing and mass centralization helped to obtain a fun motorcycle with reactive behavior.

Also in this casefor the testswe made useofacquisition toolsto better understandandoptimize the behaviorof the vehicle.

The resultis a bike that is fun driving, but permits to make long trips without too many sacrifices in terms of comfort, and with low fuel consumption.