cross racer

Developed and realized by DHM


The idea that given the start to this project of DHM companywas to create a “laboratory” bike to make tests and experimentation on ecu mapping, exhaust systems and engine, in anticipation of the new homologation regulations that will be mandatory in a short time.

We installed a new ECU creating a new engine map from zero, designed and realized four different versions of exhausts system for internal use, up to the beautiful final road version realized by Spark, with its high level quality.

Then, as often happens whenwell as a professionalismthere is also passion, we decided to modify the suspensions creating a different bike, with more modern and performance components, lowering the weight of about 8% and improving the vehicle dynamics, thanks also to the collaboration of Freespirits, that ralized beautiful and functional custom components CNC machined from top quality billet aluminium, to modify the steering geometry.

It have been realized a new saddle that changes the driving position, made to be easy for the back and be reasonably comfortable. Probably the aesthetic sideisone to whichwe have devotedless time.

I don’t think this bike is what is commonly defined a special, I think it can be define an “hacked” bike.

It is not a café racer, I believe that for a bike like this the right definition was exactly cross racer, because in fact we were inspired to modern cross over, realizing and hacked (or racer) version, on the base of my personal idea of ideal bike.

After several test, of which it is possible to read in the other pages of the website, I can say that we hit the targets I set, both technologically and approval terms, both in terms ofdriving pleasure, usabilityand reliability.

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