cross racer

Developed and realized by DHM


The development of the bike needed 5000 km, between truck tests, road tests, bench test and type-approval.

Tests were needed to develop the correct work of the engine and dynamic behavior of the bike, besides the fact that the response of gas, brakes and suspensions was suitable for a crossover without electronic controls.

At the end of this cycle of tests, the bike have been totally unfitted for controls and painting, refitted and checked. After 800 km of shake down tests, it began the Journey of test, destination: NORDKAPP.

We covered 9300 km through Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, then again through Germany to Italy, for a total of 12days of driving.

The only drawback recorded was the breaking of the stator in Lithuania, after about 2000 km of highway under hellish heat. The problem was solved in a reasonable time with the help of the EMP, which with a super-fast shipping provided us with the necessary parts. As often happen seven in the negative, there are some good points, and in Lithuania we found people helpful and friendly, which helped us to solve the problem and we had a nice evening together.

The weather conditions during the trip were highly variable, from the sultry heat of the first stagesto 7° with heavy rain and strong wind of Norway, a bit of hail in Finland, through a range of climatic conditions more or less demanding, although it must be said that for about 70% of the time was sunny and dry km.

On the highway the average was about 130/140km/h, while another streets more or less regular, the average fuel consumption was about 20km/l. During this challenging journey we met many different types of roads, from close mountain roads to parts with smoother bends, cities, from cold to warm to heavy rain with strong wind, and the behavior of the bike has always been reliable and safe, the engine has always worked correctly, with a ready response but with the gas manage able even in poor grip conditions, the temperature were normal and ride the bike was fun even after many kilometers.

After the necessary cleaning (between the various abuse the bike was never was he during the trip if not from the rain...) the exhaust system built by Spark withcarbon silencer and components from billet built by Freespirits were like new, even though they had already behind thousands of kilometer softesting, even in the dynamometric test bed for the exhaust, and a lot of limit braking in full load conditions for the suspensions components.

In conclusion, target achieved 100%!